$0.025/kwh up to 1500 kwh. Best option for me to mine?

Hey guys,

I signed up for a variable electricity plan where I have to use between 999 and 1,501 kwh to get 2.5 cents/kwh. So far, I have had trouble hitting 1k kwh so my electricity bill is expensive, about $100 a month. If I got reliably hit 1500 kwh by increasing my electricity usage through mining, would I be turning a profit? The total benefit to me would be net profit from mining + $60 energy savings due to reduced electricity bill.

Also, I don't mind shelling out $1k+ for some mining gear, but it seems like it's too risky a venture for the average person. The site I'm using to look at hardware right now is cryptocompare, but I'm sketched out by this dude who keeps posting youtube links to his own video which highlights this website. Lastly, it's showing D3 Antminer for $1,600 when everywhere else is much higher.

Would appreciate some guidance in how to figure out what I should be mining, and with what gear I should do it.

Submitted August 13, 2017 at 06:12PM by Atraidis
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