I don’t know the most about electricity just enough to fear 220. I have a bit main antminer s4 running from a outlet near a router, the outlet has nothing else in it just one surge protector and then a antminer s4 rated cord from ebay that goes to the s4. The surge protector plugged into the wall is fine and maybe slightly warm but not noticeablely. Even directly next to the plug, but the s4 cable at the end plugged into the surge is rather warm, like bottom of a laptop playing a game warm, I can touch it and it’s not burning me tho just hot. And only around the plug not the cord or the end into the s4. Is that a problem? It’s still running well. I just don’t want to cause a house fire or blow some circuit. via /r/BitcoinMining http://bit.ly/2uyeL5q