Hey Guys,So as the title says, I have tons of old servers, PC’s, etc.. all with 4-16gb of RAM that my company just throws out and lets me keep. Well long story short I have about 20+ of these rigs now. The best part? The building where the company I work for does not make us pay Hydro (not even separate meters) and I was hoping to get everyones opinions on setting 10-20 of these rigs up and just letting it go to town until someone says something about the hydro costs (if they even do).Is this viable for the amount of work i’ll be putting in to image all the machines, configure the miner software, etc.. or do you think the return is just too low?Keep in mind this is mostly old HP, Dell, IBM servers/pcs within the passed 5-6 years age wise.Thanks! via /r/BitcoinMining http://bit.ly/2ut2pHv