Noob time: Care to point me in the right direction?

To keep it very short: Free electricity up to about 1000 watts of juice, max ~2000$ CDN to spend. Not really looking for simply an investment (I've seen a lot of "just buy bitcoin"), want more of a hobby to keep me engaged in something. At the same time, not looking to throw money down the hole either.

Not really seeing any guides that would approach my kind of situation. Where should I start reading? Most of the questions on this sub are above my understanding level, and I know there's a lot of potential pitfalls so I'm not sure googling "How 2 bitcoin mine" would be the most sensible thing.

I gather I could probably make 2-5$ per day off my gaming rig, but I don't really want to cook my GPU anymore than my gaming already does which is why I'm fine with purchasing some hardware.

Are there any how-tos, introductory resources, or equipment suggestions you guys would have?

Submitted August 10, 2017 at 12:46AM by Sevcode
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