On the recent rise in use of the word “normie”.

After having spent over 2 years watching, learning, debating, and generally enjoying my time here on the bitcoin subreddit, I've started to notice a sudden increase in the use of the word "normie".

I've taken the time to address each of the posters I've seen using the word, pointing out that most of the people they refer to as "normie" are actually just part of the general populace of the world; our fathers, mothers, sisters, and coworkers. Normie is commonly used derogatorily to refer to people that are uninformed about something, and indicates that the poster feels he or she is not normal, but special. Elevated above the masses. Better.

I think this is not a situation we want to be in.

Our community should remain open and hospitable to outsiders, as global adoption is our end goal. Alienating and/or scaring off those who visit us for the first time by posting threads with derogatory titles and making fun of people who were not part of the early adoption cycle (which we are still in by the way).

Submitted August 07, 2017 at 04:46PM by BlackBeltBob
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