Complacency is much more dangerous than fatalism. Do not allow a hostile take over of a open source project by industry. This is the only bitcoin we have.

I was listening to a scientist who was on the global board of climate change advisory (unsure the exact name) and he made this "Complacency is much more dangerous than fatalism" in regards to global warming. statement and it rung as true as any truth I've ever heard spoken.

The majority of the problems we see in society we see because of political apathy and general apathy. People are too lazy to educate themselves so that they can make rational evidence based decisions.

This same thing is occurring in bitcoin. You would think that industry members who are financially incentivized to make sure that bitcoin is the most successful system possible would educate themselves about the future of their system.

Instead, we have a bunch of suits throwing money at the problem. As if money could fix this problem. Hiring your favorite dev to build a repository in an attempt to hijack the reference client is not a solution to an issue related to decentralized networks.

The issue in the first place is that we have a centralized industry. The people who have advocated and signed on for SegWit2x are exactly the problem bitcoin was intending to avoid.

Bitcoin was supposed to be a radically self-reliant system that did not need to trust intermediaries in order to function. And now instead, we have a host of industry leaders acting as intermediaries to force a non-technical and politically motivated "solution" down our throats.

I cannot advocate for risky BIP's that are playing chicken with the blockchain and are assured to cause a split. But I can advocate for rejecting SegWit2x and refusing to transact on the blockchain that their hardfork creates.

If you act complacent in this you are allowing the industry to hijack a decentralized network and to centralize it so that they can control aspects of the network that favor them.

We currently have 100's of developers contributing to Bitcoin Core from around the world that have Cypherpunk roots, that are open and transparent in everything they do from their IRC meetings to PR's on github and here on reddit.

And then you have the other people who work behind closed doors, refuse to onboard developers unless they are forced to agree with a plan, sign secret agreements and distribute them to "trusted intermediaries" only.

Wake the fuck up bitcoiners. These assholes are the exact kind of people that bitcoin was designed to nullify! Yes, I understand that some of these people have helped build bitcoin. Bitpay is a great example, think of how much money they have poured into marketing and advertisement.

But remember that they signed up for this. They signed up knowing that they were investing in a decentralized network in which they would not have control.

What we need now more than anything are competitors within the ASIC manufacturing industry. We desperately need more companies like 21 but with good ideas that actually increase decentralization. We need more bitfury's.

Instead of being complacent, what can we do to minimize the monopolistic forces? Who can we help fund? Who do we advocate for?

Im asking because I dont have the answers. It seems very little do. The centralization of industry has been bitcoins biggest problem since the day it was born. It continues to be the largest problem we face today.

What are we going to do about it? Are we going to sit on our thumbs and finger our butts while these assholes take over bitcoin? Or are we going to wake the fuck up and start making demands to the SegWit2x Signatories?

I know one goddamn thing, I will never under any circumstance run a segwit2x client. I do not negotiate with terrorists and Jihan said himself, he was blocking SW to "fire core devs". He said it plain as day for everyone to see. Thats direct evidence of a coup. There is no speculation needed. He's like a certain someone who likes to talk on twitter and constantly puts his foot in his mouth, self-inflicting all of his problems. We cannot ignore this!

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