I’m flexible on all these particulars and am open to suggestions so long as my over all goal is met. (To be able to move past my loss by way of mining coin. See below.)TLDR: I know this won’t be profitable. The objective is to cure an emotional wound and leave the door open for extreme random good luck.My goal is to buy a device and leave it running and maybe someday get my 30 coin back.I gather this is like playing the lottery as opposed to being literally impossible. Is that correct?Since this is largely symbolic I would like the device to be as cheap/efficient as possible. I’m thinking something like a small USB miner only with a power ratio of current standards. But as I said, flexible.As a side goal, I also wanna basically feel like I’m spending a responsible amount of money on a lottery ticket (like say 1$ a week) in terms of electricity for equal or better odds of winning.Story: I told everyone I knew and the public to buy coin at 5$ each. (I can prove that if anyone cares, I assume they don’t.) At one point I had over 30, from working and from buying.No one would listen. Not strangers, not friends, not family. And on top of that I sold my coins to help with a family emergency thinking I could buy back in, sort of like a loan with my own BTC as collateral. Only the emergency stayed and I was broke for so long that the price shot up in the interim.Life basically punished me for helping and trying to help and I do not want to pay someone who already has coins for my coins back as that would not help the feeling. I’ll need new coins to feel better. Irrational that may be but it’s what I’ll require and emotions are rarely rational.Now every time I see bitcoin mentioned I get disgusted and feel cheated and used and hurt. I can’t bring myself to buy back in. I want to fix that and as I said leave the door open for being rewarded by life, even if it never happens.Thank you very much for your time and help.Edit for spesifics:As of this moment the value of my old coins is roughly 70K$ So lets look at the lottery for a rough guide based on my goal.According to lotteryusa the odds of winning 50K$ in the powerball are 1 in 913,129.18.So lets say the odds of what I want to do are 1 in a million. With one chance each week. Lets be further conservative and say I only want 1 block, or 25BTC.So, how much would I have to spend on mining hardware today to have a 1 in a million chance once per week of solving a block? via /r/BitcoinMining http://bit.ly/2t6PYVc