GekkoScience 2PAC (BM1384x2) Broke Voltage screw

The head of the voltage screw on my GekkoScience 2PAC miner broke off and I wanted to know if the miner is still even usable at this point? I kept getting HW errors so I’ve been tinkering with 1/8 clockwise turns of the voltage screw and the other day after very little force, the screw head broke. Should I just try adjusting it with a pair of pliers?

Side question: Is there any version of cgminer that doesn’t get flagged by Webroot and Malware bytes as a trojan? I literally could not find one. Although I suspect at least some are false +s.

Anyone using this miner, which mining software build and pool are you using?

Submitted July 13, 2017 at 09:56PM by AndreLinoge55
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