Coinbase (and all exchanges that haven’t), it’s time to give customers a hard stance whether or not you will support both chains (or at least allow for withdrawing one) in this specific potential upcoming split on August 1st

Before anyone rants about not keeping coins on exchanges during this time, I do understand that's the safest, and clearest answer to all of this. However, that doesn't give Coinbase, or any exchange, an excuse for not giving a very clear answer to this after plenty of time to evaluate this particular split.

Coinbase in particular offers a vault service with the purpose of holding Bitcoin longterm, so for those specific customers, it's not really sufficient to say to just remove your Bitcoin ahead of the potential split. Is that going to be the stance for every potential split? What would the purpose of the vault service be then?

Coinbase seems to have last posted about hard forks in general at this link. They recommend withdrawing from their platform, however the way it's worded is that it's only necessary if you are wanting to access your Bitcoin during the uncertainty period.

I end with a question to the community here: The Coinbase multi sig vault says you retain your private keys. Are those keys able to be imported into both potential chains like hard wallets or paper wallets? If so, then Coinbase should mention that as a solution for their customers. Or they should clarify that they are not actually private keys.

Submitted July 14, 2017 at 02:17AM by coinzRfun
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