Hi all, I’ve come across 400,000$ of Microsoft Azure credit and want to use it to to mine cryptocurrency. I am writing to ask:1) which computer to run the VM on? – Azure provides a number of machines (http://bit.ly/2vb3zYh) optimized for various tasks – ‘General Purpose Computing’, ‘Compute Optimized’, ‘Memory and Storage Optimized’, ‘GPU enabled’, ect. Under each of these categories, customers much choose the number of cores and amount ram (see http://bit.ly/2ucka0F) to use. I would like to know which machine type will mine the most efficiently, and how important are the different characteristics of a machine? (the number of cores, the amount of RAM, GB on disk?)2) Which currency to mine – Bitcoin? Litecoin? any other Alt-coin suggestions?3) How much money can I expect to earn?Thanks Reddit via /r/BitcoinMining http://bit.ly/2vaOiXo