SegWit Cypherpunk Libertarians vs Big Blocker Big Government Democrats/CronyCapitalism?

It seems the disagreement is over being able to run your own node and having a copy of the whole bitcoin ledger (Core/SegWit) vs not needing it (big blockers). Nodes are what determine what the rules of bitcoin are.

SegWit folks don't seem to be opposed to mass adoption whatsoever as long as it does not come at the price of decentralization. SegWit/Core folks feel that if nodes can only be run in giant data centers, then governments can easily crack down on these centralized data centers and effectively shut bitcoin down which is a far worse scenario than temporary high fees right now.

Big Blockers however seem to be okay with centralization as a means to adoption which doesn't make sense because that would make bitcoin no different than PayPal. Big blockers seem to treat bitcoin like a commercial product and not as a revolutionary utility that liberates humanity but more as something to profit off of and thus why some big blockers diversified into alt-coins.

Is this a matter of patience? Principle? Was bitcoin created to be above both government and corporations?

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