Dont forget: There is a well engineered, extensively tested, proven safe, and backwards compatible way to implement SegWit. One small group of people who have agreed to SegWit,*refuse* to take the safest approach. This is the ENTIRE reason we risk a fork. Thanks, Jihan

Jihan, Ver, and their Cohorts have done a massive disservice and continue to push reckless and untested alternatives for accomplishing the exact same thing as the tested and safe option. Seeing as BIP148 is risky, I'm inclined not to support it naturally, if the situation were any different, then I would not be supporting it. However, thanks to Jihan blocking the only safe and full-proof approach to implementation, I'm excited about the possibility of seeing his mining power drop by 15-20% when SegWit makes covert ASICBoost a thing of the past. It's time to hit him in his wallet. This whole argument is completely absurd as it has nothing to do with SegWit itself, only who has the say in implementing it.

Submitted July 07, 2017 at 12:13AM by Cryptoconomy
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