Cloud Mining and the hardware shortage

Ive been crunching numbers all day while trying to find hardware. When manufactures have stock buying the hardware hands down beats the pants off Cloud mining contracts.

Example using dash

2 – Baikal 150 m/h $600 or 1 Baikal 300 m/h $799 300 m/h contract with gm – $1500

But given the non availability thru the manufacturers and the absolute gouging on the secondary market it seems that for someone trying to get in the game right now cloud mining is cheap although give current difficulty you don't see a roi until 200 days were as buying the hardware at msrp would net roi in half that time. Am I looking at this wrong? I know general guidance is cloud mining sucks.

Submitted July 08, 2017 at 04:07AM by jhiggi83
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