A company I’m working with is trying to build a mining farm, and as a first step they’re looking to make financial business model. However, the finance guys don’t know anything about crypto currency, and I’d like someone who can explain it to them. A few of the points they need to cover:Which hardware is needed to mine which currency? (specific prices, links, explanations, list of what for whcih currency, explanations fo algorithms and recommendations)At which speed it can be done? (how „hash rates“ influence speed of mining and what that is, what in a gpu affects pped of mining, how fast each currency can be mined)Proof of Work/ Proof of Stake (What that is, hich currencys are planned to be POS only soon, how that affects mining)how much electricity would be needed? (average use of electricty per „Rg“ and what a rig itself exactly iwhat the normal cost of this hardware / the rig is (and if this is end consume ror „from china“ price)how mining difficulty increases and when (about the bitcoin halfening thats coming soon for example, how difficulty increased in the past etc?how the mining process works from a mathematical side (underlying formula etc)I consider this a paid consultancy job, so please let me know how long this would take you, and your hourly rate.Thanks! 🙂 via /r/BitcoinMining http://bit.ly/2tMwcxc