I’ve been running a small fleet of Antminer S5 for a while now and finally made the jump to purchasing an S9. I’ve been searching various sites and forums for authoritative info on what type of power line I need to run (in North America) but have come up with a mixed bucket of info. Some say powering an S9 with a PSU for 110v is fine, others advocate 220v. The place I purchased the S9 from say that there is a power supply they can sell me will run on 110v circuit with 30a breaker. However, Many articles I’ve read advise against mining on a 110v with an S9. So, if anyone on here is currently using an S9, or knows if I do need to run a 220v/30a line, I would appreciate any information or advice you could provide. Advice on PSUs would also be appreciated. via /r/BitcoinMining http://bit.ly/2sCuXBK