Help me choose my first bitcoin mining rig?

Some background: I’m not looking to mine a thousand BTC, make a fortune or really even to break even. I don't care if it ever makes a monthly profit, my goal is just to mine BTC, try to stay at least a step or two ahead of the curve and be part of the movement. If something amazing happens financially, great — if not, it is just a cool hobby for me. I've certainly wasted a lot more for a lot less in the past.

Environment: I have $0.00 electrical cost and no concerns at all for noise levels. The miner(s) will be housed in a clean, secure, climate controlled data center with ample conditioned power, very fast Internet access, around-the-clock monitoring, plenty of HVAC and 24/7 humidity control.

Budget: (+/-) $6,000.00 USD

Timeline: I would like to place the order on Friday 7/7/17.

Options: I’m looking at one of these two miners – either a pair of AntMiner s9’s (~26 TH/s) -or- a 5 stack of Canaan Avalon 741's (36.5 TH/s).

Other than being torn between the two rigs, another one of the main problems right now is that I really don't know who is a trustable supplier. Many of the websites look shady and when you looked on Ebay you see guys with 0-10 feedbacks that have been selling a few months worth of $3 trinkets then all of a sudden (BOOM!) they happen to also have some expensive mining rigs for sale so I just keep on clickin'.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to opine.

TLDR; Which rig would you buy? (2) s9’s or a (5) stack of 741s or something altogether different and where from?

Submitted July 04, 2017 at 08:06AM by CasterBaiter
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