I just started trying to mine bitcoins today. I decided that i have a 1070 i might as well.Should i use Nicehash 2 or 1.7?I setted up Nicehash 2 and connected it to my Coinbase account wallet. It says i have money in it, but in Coinbase it says I don’t. Why do I have no money in Coinbase? Am I being scammed?Is Nicehash 2 official because that was on the website miner.nicehash.com while Nicehash 1.7 is just on Nicehash.comHow do I pay for Steam games using bitcoins from Coinbase, and is there any fees?Should I use BitPay for my wallet, so then I can directly pay for Steam games, or should I keep Coinbase.How do I with bitcoins in general? Do I only need the wallet address?If someone gets my wallet address can they steal my money?Thanks in advance! via /r/BitcoinMining http://bit.ly/2uzBxW7