Best 12V 7A power supply?

Hi all you BitMiners!
I used to be in the Miner world, but I've since been very busy with life and then Cryptsy died taking all of my hard-earned coins with it. I had $35 worth of 2015 value BTC/LTC/DARK/etc. In today's values, my pockets would be a bit heavier 😉

Now, I feel it may be time to have some fun again, but my power supplies and spares are very much dead.

I have the AntMiner U3 and a RockMiner.

What brand/recommended model power supply can handle the constant wattage to run the mine? Something from Delta? If so, which one has the right size barrel connector?

Location: USA – 120V .10cents per kwh.

Also – as a sidebar, I'm not well-versed on how to mine SHA alt coins myself or in a pool outside of EoBot.
Got any guides for Asic-Alt-SHA?


Submitted June 21, 2017 at 06:29AM by techtornado
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