$10k reward if you can get my 15 bitcoins back.

I am owed 15 bitcoins by Igot.com, who have now relaunched as Bitlio.com. I have contract stating they would repay in exchange for signing an NDA. Once I signed, they never paid up. The 'owner' Rick Day has fallen off the face of the planet. I have his phone number, his brothers, and his dads. They hide out in India mostly from what I can gather. None of them answer my calls anymore. The terms have been updated to be based in Hong Kong so it is hard to fight them from a legal standpoint in countries like Australia. Every government agency has given me the run around and just pass the buck. So here I am offering $10k reward for any lawyer who will take the case or anyone who can get my bitcoins back. Any info on Rick Day, Anshuman Damya, Vijay Damya would be greatly appreciated. Stop these crooks who continue to scam people to this day.

Submitted June 20, 2017 at 05:56PM by nugget_alex
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