Does anyone else find it a little too coincidental that as soon as we start reaching industry consensus on a blocksize increase that mempool falls off the charts? We now have 10 satoshi per byte transactions confirming.

I think the continued lack of fee pressure since the announcement of SegWit2x is another nail in the coffin on the subject of those pertaining to big block philosophy have been throwing btc away in an attempt to influence the narrative by artificially influencing fee rates, creating social pressure for a issue that is not nearly as severe as people make it out to be.

Now I am not saying that the 10 sat/byte tx's are confirming fast. But they are confirming.

While Correlation is not Causation, I think the last few years of attacks combined with the sudden change in the fee market dynamics is highly suspicious.

Submitted June 19, 2017 at 02:09AM by Cryptolution
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