Hello Reader,I am drunk, high, and have something to say about mining. People ask why people bother to mine when its almost not profitable, why I have a room in my house dedicated to old computer equipment that gives me 100 dollars a month at most. Its the feeling of the warm air in the room. The sound of the whirl of the computer fans in my ears. The smell of the heated plastic. I mine not for the reward of money. I just love having the joy to have my own datacenter to play with. For free! The feeling of ziping cables. Dusting. Upgrading…. And going to my regular job.Mining is my hobby. I love working with this stuff efveb if not efifcnet. I cannot what until I can mine tree.fiddy per minute. I am using lochness crypt.thanjs for listening via /r/BitcoinMining http://bit.ly/2sJi1ZH