V-TEC Auto Trade

Ignore HYIP, ignore SCAMS, face currency trading to a legal and deregulated international bank business!

👋Welcome to the V-TEC a serious opportunity to invest into the forex market 📈

  • 3% daily if investment is between 0.01-2BTC (working days only)
  • 3.6% daily if investment is above 2BTC (working days only)
  • Investment plan time: 9 weeks (45 working days)
  • Payouts: instant
  • Affiliate plan: 8% -> 3% -> 2%

Click on the link below to join now: http://bit.ly/2rwIdqE

To start a new investment plan push the "Invest" button.

To get more information about our company and support push the "Support" button.

Happy investing!

Trade Proofs: http://bit.ly/2sgfdka

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