Coinbase, I root hard for you, but you have to change

I value Coinbase as an extremely important service for the Bitcoin community. They have created a very useful service, with a clean, neat interface, that makes easier for a lot of people to buy some cryptos. Key management is not an esay task and having someone to do this for you, properly, is crucial to the success of many cryptos.

But, dear Coinbase, you have to change some of your behaviour.

First and foremost, you are simply too costly. For an non-US customer, not only there are the trading fees, but there is also another fee, because we are paying not in dollars. But, what the fuck, I am paying with my credit card, so you are actually getting dollars for bitcoins.

Second, it is not acceptable that everytime there is some "major" correction on the market, the website and the app stop working. And that every user must re-authenticate himself. And that the device is no longer recognized, so you have to perform two authentications, one to get the email to recognize the device and the other to actually access the system. Not to mention that this email could arrive after hours.

I really hope the best for Coinbase. I think that the acrimony that many people are expressing here is irrational and should be better targeted to other important players of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

But, please, change your attitude. Not allowing people to access their funds is the single worst thing that you could possibly do to lost the trust of your customers.

Submitted June 15, 2017 at 10:16PM by Paolo1976
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