Miners, It’s Time to Stop the Greed. Bitcoin Must Be the Coin it Was Destined to Be.

And that is better than the rest.

Bitcoin's future is looking very grim. Even if SegWit goes through, we still have this divided community and there is only one reason why. Greed. The only improvements Bitcoin needs are to serve the people using it. Every upgrade should only focus on one thing and that is 100% to being the ONLY cryptocurrency anyone needs to use as currency. WE WERE ALREADY AT THIS SPOT!!! But GREED has one again proved why it only brings downfall.

Mines just think about this for a second. Yes, this tech is very new but you have to understand that we don't know what it's actually worth. There are already alt coins that do virtually do exactly the same thing. For your OWN sakes, you must upgrade bitcoin purely to future of the coin and not even a glimpse for yourselves. As soon as you start to think for yourselves even just a small ounce of profits, you will start this divide again. Don't forget when paper money was made, it didn't stay the same, it couldn't. It had to ADAPT.

The coin that can adapt the best will win in the end, it's common sense, and I don't see bitcoin adapting, its becoming stale.

Submitted June 10, 2017 at 04:42AM by iiJokerzace
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