Could AI (like alien tech a la transformers) mine superfast ?

Imagine a crashed ufo…with alien tech…what if such a computer existed and it was able to interface, maybe it's got part AI stuff, itself with human tech and adapt is circuitry to replicating bitcoin mining.

Say it was to go online and mine , tomorrow, about i don't know, at 100 petahash…how much bitcoins would it mine?

Would anyone freakout seeing such a fast single miner aflat în the chainblock, knowing it's not a mining pool, would it be able to destabilize the mining industry?

Would the biggest mining farms just say…fuck it, turn everything off we can't compete.

What about just 1 petahash or more like 1 exohash ?


What about the world's top 1 supercomputer or top 10/100 supercomputers together?

Submitted June 09, 2017 at 05:49AM by Choice77777
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