I am new to btc mining but have been following btc and learning about it since it was at $190. I understand the basics of btc mining, but I was wondering, if I don’t have to pay for power, if 2 ASICs around this price range would get me a decent profit per month. Also, what about if I did have to pay for electricity? My father has a building for rent and I think if he is paying for basic power and no one is there renting it out, my ASICs would be the only think in the warehouse/office building running. If not I was thinking about putting them in my room, having them mine most of the day and always at night. With 2 ASICs I would imagine that there is some profit in BTC mining. Although, I am worried the block will be cut in half to 12.5 soon and it won’t be profitable anymore and I’ll just have to upgrade to a bigger and bigger machine, since the difficulty rises. Anyone have any idea how much of an enitial investment I’ll need to be profiting a decent amount, maybe around $300+ a month via /r/BitcoinMining http://bit.ly/2sBWRtH