As the title says, I need help….I’ve emailed bitmain but havnt gotten a response. Sometime yesterday afternoon the used antminer s4 I bought less than a week ago went offline and is completely down….I’ve re-imaged the SD, taken it apart, checked all connections and cleaned everything and still nothing…..I’m starting to think its the psu, but when I plug it in I hear the psu clicks like it normally would and when I push the button it’s the only fan that starts spinning out of the 5. The alarm light is on, solid. The run light is completely off, and the red fault light blinks on and off about once every second or so. I can’t reach the miner at all through url and I’ve tried the reset switch on the front…..I’ve been unsuccessful in my google searches for this exact problem and have tried everything I can find that’s related to troubleshooting the miner itself. I’m pretty sure it’s not the blades from what I’ve read but do think it could be the beagle board of not the psu. Please, does anyone have a definitive, or atleast semi definitive answer? via /r/BitcoinMining