I started mining cryptocurrency in 2014 before scrypt based ASICS hit the market. I remember discreetly being able to use my AMD R9-270X to join a mining pool. The mining pool that I joined actually had an algorithm which constantly monitored and determined the most profitible alt-coin to mine at the time, and then when a block was successfully hashed, it would convert them to bitcoins.Anyways, after Scrypt ASICs hit the markets, pretty much GPU mining went bust. I remember because the prices of AMD graphics cards were being artificially inflated by Altcoin mining, then suddenly tanked thereafter, once ASICS shoved them out.Anyway, I’ve been hearing that GPU mining has been making a comeback, and seeing as Bitcoin prices has gone well over $2k (it was roughly $100 when I got into GPU Mining), I was wondering what the currently mining scene is like, and if there were any profitability to be made. via /r/BitcoinMining http://bit.ly/2sLovny