Newbie at mining here, a few question to veterans

Hello, I understand that firstly I need to check if the energy consumption will surpass the profit but for that I first need to know how to exactly mine. I have seen a few people here saying that NiceHash even though it's a cloud mining thing it is safe, but is it really? I am thinking on giving it a try.

Hopefully I will purchase a couple of antiminer in the future to mine bitcoin but for now I am going to attempt using my pc for that. I also don't use reddit too much but I kind of expected some kind of tutorial to mining (links, softwares etc ) in this subreddit for people like me to avoid making this kind of thread considering everywhere you ask in the internet people just tell me "you are too late for farming"

Submitted June 06, 2017 at 04:08AM by Logki
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