A New Era of Crypto

// Remember Bitcoin? Yeah the one that is nearly $3000 now and not too long ago it was $100? 😭 //

// Hate to break it to you but you've missed that boat — But don't stop reading there, bitcoin is the one everyone's focused on, it's not the real money maker in the crypto-space. 🌙 //

// That goes to AltCoin, all CryptoCurrencies besides Bitcoin are AltCoins – the only difference is that these make you serious amounts of cash 💰//

➿ Examples ➿

📈Verge – UP 111%* 📈DigitalNote – UP 163%* 📈SiaCoin – UP 67%* 📈Burst (my personal fav) – UP 43%* 📉 You Missing Out – DOWN 100% *all these are gains in one day – yes, in ONE day //

✖️$$$ ✖️

// Now I've given you all these free knowledge – time to chat to other people who are just trying to get their hustle on, and some that have made it their job. //

➖Chat ➖

// Here is where everyone discusses from what theyre invested in, to mining, news and even bots that trade automatically, I personally use that whilst I'm at work. //


🔝I don't know why you're still reading 🔝

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