Mining with GTX 1080 TI

I recently got a GTX 1080 TI for my home computer. I use it to render 4k 3D VR stuff but most of the time Im not rendering and thought i would try mining to see if I can subsidize the high cost of this card a bit.

I screwed around with the settings for a while and finally got this card to the sweet spot. I don't have any cooling or anything beyond the stock of this card and when i first started mining (or selling hash power through NiceHash for BTC) i left the card on stock settings and was getting constant temperatures of 87C or higher while generating about 3.1mBTC/Day at about 2.8 H/W.

After testing the settings and talking with a few people about these results i have adjusted my GPU through the EVGA app in steam to improve my mining. I set the Power Target to 60% the GPU Clock Offset to +240MHz and the MEM Clock Offset to -300MHz. Now the GPU runs at a stable 1620MHz and a constant temp of 72C. For the performance I now am getting about 4 H/W.

Here is the comand line status.

[12:49:02][0x000005c0][info] =====> 600.566667 H/s [12:49:02][0x000005c0][info] gpuinfo | GPU#0 TEMP: 73 C USAGE: 99 % MEMCTRL: 78 % POWER: 153.706 W [12:49:02][0x000005c0][info] =====> Total power: 153.706 W Efficiency: 3.907243 H/W

Submitted April 15, 2017 at 03:49AM by funkemax
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