S7 error rate impact on hashrate

I've been experimenting with S7 settings, trying to determine the relationship between speed, error rate, and hashrate. So far I have figured out error rate has a non-linear effect on hashrate (i.e. a .5% error rate cuts hashrate by much more than .5%). I lucked out with a batch 11 S7 that gets 0 errors at the stock 700Mhz speed (at first I thought there was something wrong with the error reporting). At 731.5Mhz it gets 0.0006% error rate, and hashes at about 4930Gh/s. This is a near linear increase from 4725Gh/s at 700Mhz. At 768.75Mhz, the error rate goes up to .0121%, and the hashrate goes to 5125 GH/s. So while the speed went up 5.1%, the hashrate increase was 3.9%. I'd like to know if anyone else has done more detailed testing on S7 overclocking.

Submitted March 14, 2016 at 01:32AM by bitcanuck
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